August 2020

  • The planned atlas will include, among other things, current aerial photographs of selected districts taken with a drone. In cooperation with the Department of Applied Geoinformatics and Cartography, the first test images were taken during October.


September 2020

  • The first two sets of specialized maps dealing with the growth of the oldest suburbs of Prague (Smíchov, Karlín, Vinohrady, and Žižkov) and residential and industrial suburbs (Nusle, Dejvice, Záběhlice, Braník, Břevnov, Krč) were published. Maps are available here.


August 2020

  • In cooperation with the State Regional Archives in Prague, a search was carried out in their archive. The result of this search was the finding of more than 100 documents that contain historical information about the area of interest.
  • A visit to the State Administration of Land surveying and Cadastre archive took place, where 23 maps were photographed, which can serve as a basis for the creation of map layers showing the historical development of the boundaries of cadastres and districts in Prague and its surroundings.


June 2020

  • A visit to the Prague Institute of Planning and Development took place. The purpose of this visit was to provide map materials for the creation of specialized maps.


May 2020

  • A visit to the Czech Statistical Office took place, during which other documents for the solution of the project were found.


April 2020

  • Based on 21 keywords, the Geography Library searched the online catalogs of 11 institutions, which preserve historical resources usable for the Prague Suburbs project. The result of this search was the finding of 1,835 resources that could potentially be used.