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Prague suburbs: the dynamics of social environment within the growing metropolis


Project No. DG20P02OVV013 was supported by the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic within the program of applied research and development of national and cultural identity (NAKI 2).

Project introduction:

The project focuses on the capital city of Prague as it is the most important constituent of the Czech settlement. Therefore, it significantly shapes the national and regional identities and it is also the cultural centre of European and global importance. The main objective of the project is to describe and explain changes of social environment of suburban neighbourhoods within the growing metropolis from the industrial era onwards. The use of unpublished statistical data which were not cartographically presented and disclosure of research results within the spatial data infrastructure (SDI) and open data via internet mapserver to wide scientific community belong to the characteristic features of the project. The project aims to incorporate the research outputs into the secondary and tertiary education. The project’s goals are based on the focus of the NAKI II program and concentrate on the research of the historical development of settlement area (Prague), its socio-cultural continuity and presentation of the research to the public in Czechia and abroad. They include the digitalization and disclosure of historical population data and documents, the creation of new specialised public databases of statistical and spatial data (geodatabases) for the historical boundaries of Prague and its neighbourhoods, fulfilment of SDI and mapserver. The results will be presented in form of specialised maps, the Historical Population Atlas of Prague, an exhibition, at international conferences, in scientific publications and by organizing of final scientific conference.

Research period:

March 2020 - December 2022